We thrive on creating and nurturing long-term relationships with our customers.
It is our commitment to reach in the spirit of reconciliation. 

I.A.M Collective is an Indigenous arts & creativity focused collective of over 170 First Nations, Metis and Inuit artists, Traditional Knowledge Holders, Entrepreneurs, Performers and creatives who promote authenticity over appropriation by providing a place for community members to accecess authentic, local Indigenous art and experience the splendour of Indigenous culture, talents, and

Entrepreneurial skills. 

We are honored to be

Alberta's Largest All Indigenous Arts & Entertainment Collective


In 2018 we started with four artists who recognized the need to break down barriers that prevented Indigenous artists from participating in Edmonton’s local marketplaces.

Our existence allows us to share costs for artists who may not have the immediate funds to have booths at events and markets.

Through our collective model, we are able to mentor young and emerging artists to learn about pricing, marketing, setting up booths, and much more.



To ensure local Indigenous artists and artisans have access to market opportunities for their artwork.


To increase awareness of authentic and contemporary Indigenous art forms by providing market opportunities for artists from Edmonton and surrounding areas.


  • To provide free to low cost, accessible and culturally appropriate social and economic opportunities for IAM Collective members to participate actively in the mainstream marketplace.

  • To recognize diverse, authentic Indigenous art forms in the local context those representative of the artist, their territory, teachings or history and expression.

  • To create sustainable community partnerships for ongoing opportunities, educational and cultural awareness activities, and events.

  • To encourage quality Indigenous Art Forms from First Nation, Metis, Inuit, and non-Status cultures to be appreciated and not appropriated.

  • To work in a good way that incorporates Indigenous cultures which include honoring and respecting: natural laws, protocols, and teachings.

  • To practice trauma-informed and a decolonization approach that is consistent with indigenous teachings and natural laws.

  • To follow the proper code of conduct as required of market venues and by the IAM  Wahkohtowin agreement.

  • To provide equitable mentorship or showcasing opportunities for emerging artists to gain access to the market.

  • To showcase opportunities for vetted, established artists dependent on venue. Artists are curated according to the market venue and based on their quality of work.

Year end date of IAM Society:
March 31st of every year.

Annual meeting date:
June every year.