Become an IAM Collective Artist

This form and the information you provide on it will help us determine your eligibility for membership in the Indigenous Artist Market Collective.

We also keep all collected information for our Indigenous Arts Directory (you can opt out of this if you chose.)
Being descriptive, honest, and including as much information as you can, will result in a positive outcome (this information will be used to promote your work, so tell us about yourself, don't be shy, our followers want to know all about you!)

All artists are required to upload a photo of themselves and at least 5 photos of their work / art / creations to be used for ID purposes, on social media, in our Indigenous Artist Directory, and in other promotion, reports and more. You must submit a minimum of 5 and up to 15 pictures of your work. If you like, you can include pictures of your table /vendor set up.

Artist Submission Form