Jennifer Anderson – Squeed’s Muks & Moccs


My name is Jennifer Anderson, but most people know me as Squeed (my
Cree name).

My first language is Cree. I am from the Gift Lake Metis Settlement,
born and raised. My parents have always taught me to value my culture and
introduced me to God. The Cree language was instilled in me as a child, I am
internally grateful for my parents for speaking to me in my language. I am married
and have 2 beautiful daughters. As I was growing into a young adult I was always
into crafts and more so, the Indigenous Culture… as the beauty of every part of that
culture speaks to you. I began my journey in 2012 in hopes to keep the ancient
beauty of native culture alive through beadwork! I enjoy and love teaching. What
makes it more valuable is that each participants goes away very appreciative on the
indigenous culture. Every piece that I create is an art, one bead at a time! Prayer is
very important in indigenous culture, I believe that when you create something it
should be done with good vibes because people will feel the energy off

Artist Medium(s)

Beadwork, Leather Craft, Moccasins & Mukluks, Traditional Crafts

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    Brain Tanned Traditional Hide Moccasins

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    Beaded Mask

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    Beaded Gauntlet Gloves

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    Beaded Earrings