Lance Cardinal – Soulflame Creative Services

Lance has always believed that the best way to strengthen and heal the spirit of our nation is through creative expression and cultural  inspiration. The nehiyawak (Cree people) believe that when it’s time for a human being to be born into this world their potential spirit makes the journey to the Creator’s Flame (manitow iksotew). The spirit chooses a tiny spark from the flame and the Creator drops it into the softspot of a newborn baby’s head. This gift is called the Soulflame. That is what Soulflame Creative Services is all about. Taking the spark of a creative idea and bringing it to life. Finding ways to incorporate Indigenous ideals and influences into creative ideas and projects. Lance took his 25 years of experience in the fine arts industry and focused those teachings on the Canadian Indigenous landscape. He wants to share his culture, bridge the understanding between Indigenous and Non-Indigenous peoples and inspire inter-generational healing.

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