Penelope Moon Walker

Penelope was born in Campbell River, BC, adopted to a non-Indigenous family in SummerLand, BC.  She was always drawn to nature, water and horses and would sketch them on every piece of paper available.   In 2002 she began her expressions in oil paintings with the guidance of Gene Prokop, Prokop Art School.  In 2018 she found her biological family from the Kwakwaka’wakw Nation, Cape Mudge and discovered she was First Nations and part of the sixties scoop.  As she reconnected and began building relationships she infused the healing energies into her paintings.  She joined a Kwakwala language program learning that this is an endangered language, so to contribute to the revitalization, the titles of her paintings are in Kwakwala with an English definition and phonetic pronunciation.  Penelope believes that through her paintings, people will learn about the Kwakwaka’wakw people, find the magic and connection with nature.  As reflected in her paintings she is committed to ensuring there will always be a place for nature, the wild and the free to be.

Artist Medium(s)

Oil Painting

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