IAM Collective Spring Workshop Series

Moosehide Wrap Around Baby Moccasins w/ Knowledge Holder Frances Whitford of Bead work & Bannock

APRIL 7/2024

11 am to 5 pm


COST : 65.00 with all supplies anf linch included


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Location :

Edmonton Native Healing Center 11813 123 St NW #101

Take part in the sharing of traditional knowledge, learn new skills, and make your very own pair of Moosehide Wrap around Baby Moccasins


More about the artist:

Roots: Anzac, Alberta

Now calls home: Edmonton, Alberta

My name is Frances Whitford I am a Metis artisan, most of my pieces are made of moose hide, various types of furs and beadwork. Originally from Anzac,Alberta, Being raised largely by my grandparents Eva Mckenzie, and Lawrence Whitford I have had the privilege of a life surrounded in the Metis culture. I was taught by my grandmother a Metis artisan who would not only make for family but also to sell in an effort to supplement our families income and my grandfather a trapper who would supply the furs and hides for her to be able to make items such as moccasins,jackets, mukluks etc. My brother has now stepped into our grandfathers shoes and is the trapper and my supplier of fur and hide. The work I do is truly a creation of love and legacy to my grandparents and my Metis culture.

It’s been said that grandparents are the voices of the past and the door to the future. For Frances Whitford, there are few truer sentiments. It’s why she describes her business, Bead work & Bannock, as a creation of love and legacy to her grandparents and Métis culture. Lucky for us, that gratitude and knowledge are both gifts she’s eager to share with everyone. From passing down traditions to her children to championing the Indigenous Artists Market Collective (I.A.M), Frances looks forward to continuing to promote and support the perseverance of Indigenous art and culture in our city. Artist, advocate, granddaughter, and teacher


IAM Collective Spring Workshop Series – Moosehide Wrap Around Baby Moccasins with Frances Whitford of Bead work & Bannock

Event Cost:


Date and Time:

April 7, 2024 11:00 am - 5:00 pm


Event Location:

Edmonton Native Healing Centre
11813 123 St NW #101
Edmonton , Alberta