Charlene Tootoosis

Debbie Houle

Char Frank Tootoosis is a Cree language knowledge holder and teacher with the Edmonton Catholic School Board.  Visit her on her Facebook site for her latest Sakihitowin bannock recipes.

James Fox – Fox Cree-ations


James is a member of the Tataskweyak Cree Nation in northern Manitoba. He has lived in all the western provinces and has been influenced by the art and culture of all the western tribes and clans. He first picked up … Read More

Helene Dionne-Favell – Sew Chez Helene


Helene is Metis with roots from the St. Boniface, Manitoba area and she and her husband have been in Edmonton since 2019.  She specializes in ribbon shirts, ribbon skirts, knitted/crocheted apron sets, potholders, kitchen towels and baby blankets she calls … Read More

Lance Cardinal – Soulflame Creative Services


Lance has always believed that the best way to strengthen and heal the spirit of our nation is through creative expression and cultural  inspiration. The nehiyawak (Cree people) believe that when it’s time for a human being to be born … Read More

Arden Herman – Beadwork & Bannock


Arden was born and raised in Fort McMurray, AB.  She is of Dene and Metis descent.  Her dad is Dene from LaLoche Saskatchewan and her mom is Metis from Anzac Alberta.  She has always been very interested in beading and … Read More

MacKenzie Brown – Kamamak


Mackenzie Brown is a First Nations Cree woman from the Sturgeon Lake Cree Nation, currently residing in Amiskwaciwaskahikan, Edmonton. She is a performer, drummer, tourism entrepreneur, philanthropist and advocate for at-risk youth in the Edmonton area. Mackenzie and her mom … Read More

Tracy Bradley – Nikawiy Handmade


Tracy is a multi-disciplinary artist of Cree-Metis and European descent with family roots from Turtle Mountain, St. Paul de Metis and Red River Settlements.   She creates jewelry, ribbon skirts, accessories, moss bags and moccasins using deer/moose hide, beads, sculpted … Read More